Juice for a NEW you.

Day 1 Monday October 29, 2012

Ahh… I won’t lie and say I’m not happy to have the first day over, because I am. More so because I actually accomplished my task and juiced for a full day as I said I would. For me that is a huge win, I usually give up or give in (to temptation) like the mini tacos the hubby and kids had for dinner, with all the salsa and guacamole a girl loves. However, I stood my ground and reminded myself why I am doing this and how eating that kind of crap got me helped get me here in the first place. 

I decided while on this fast I will not be counting calories (lil bastards). 

This process is simple, the recipes are laid out and easy to read so any idiot could do it. The exception is, it’s not cheap! I had to get a juicer (hubby has been begging for years anyway) and I (like many people) didn’t have a few extra hundred bucks lying around so the Breville juicer was completely out of the question. Hey if you’ve got the money I say go for it. I however opted for the less expensive GE juicer (thanks Wal-Mart) and saved some $$. It works just fine actually better than I expected and I’m happy with it. 

Day 1 consisted of four different juice blends and I will say I like 3 out of 4.

Breakfast: Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Juice — A nice refreshing for a morning drink and a first time juicer I give this one five starsMid Morning juice: Mean Green Juice (in the documentary) — I found this robust and filling. The taste was good for having a lot of Kale and I was able to drink it all. It’s not a gross as it looks trust me. I give this one four stars. Lunch:  Gazpacho Juice –this was by far the worst shit I have ever tasted in my entire life. Stay away from this one it was horrific and the taste was unbearable. I give this one a negative five stars  (hey it’s my blog and I can do that). Dinner: Citrus inspired Green Juice –this was also a good one somewhat refreshing and filling (at least for me) I would drink this one again for sure. I gave this one also four stars. 

Cost wise (not including the juicer) I spent about $30 on the items for these four juice’s so as I said this is by no means a cheap process, but when I think of what an office visit to my doctor cost I think it’s worth it.  All of these juice recipes can be found online at the Reboot Your Life website. If you want to view or download them you will need to sign up but it’s free. I didn’t suffer any excessive hunger but then again I had RNY gastric bypass in 2007 and since my surgery I have not have the “traditional” hungry pangs. I usually know I’m hungry because I get sever nausea so for me this might be my saving grace. Although I still think about food constantly, my thoughts didn’t manifest into needs or any uncontrollable desire to eat actual food. For anyone who says, “No I can’t juice fast” you never know what you can or cannot do until you try!

Now on to-day 2 wish me 

*please note I am not a paid spokes person for any juicing plans, or equipment listed. The information in this post is the opinion of the author and is not intended to replace sound medical advice. Always check with your physician before starting any juice fast or weight loss program. 

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A simple women on a mission to change her addiction with food!
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